The marking of life’s passages and stages is an important part of Unitarian Universalist practice. Rites of Passage mark transitions beginning with birth and ending in death. Dr. Johnson is available to perform rites of passage (except Coming of Age) for unaffiliated individuals and families, as well as for members of congregations with which he is affiliated.

The major life passages are birth, coming of age, loving commitment, and death. The corresponding rituals are Dedication or Naming, Coming of Age (see below), Marriage, and Funeral or Memorial Service. 

Coming of Age. There are many culturally and religiously specific rites of passage for coming of age, i.e., the time when one begins to assume adult responsibilities. In Judaism, Bar or Bat Mitzvah is when an individual has reached the age when s/he can read the Torah at the synagogue. Christianity has Confirmation, where one becomes an adult within the church. In my tradition, there are two customs: Coming of Age or Affirmation, usually between the ages of twelve and fourteen, and Bridging, at the conclusion of high school. These rituals typical take place within the religious community.